Your Somerset Area Accountant Reminds You Of An Easy Group To Go Back To -- If You Can Stomach It

Your Somerset Area Accountant Reminds You Of An Easy Group To Go Back To -- If You Can Stomach It

April 10, 2012

How was your long weekend? Did you even take one? (Many Somerset Area-area business owners can’t — or don’t.) Burgers, pools, picnics — set against the solemn backdrop of remembrance for the sacrifice of so many thousands who have laid down their lives so we can have those freedoms.

However, when you talk to veterans (as I get the chance to do in the course of our tax preparation work), they often tell you that these very freedoms (the ones much bigger than backyard barbecues, of course) are exactly why those sacrifices are worthwhile. So in a sense, parades and picnics are exactly the right sort of thing to honor those men and women.

Well, moving from the sublime to the reality of our business lives, I have some advice for you about a population of prospects which hardly any business owner sees fit to pursue — or, if they do, they don’t do it properly. I’ve written about this topic before, but I will remind you of it again — because it’s been a reliable list for not just my firm in the past, but also for those friends of mine who have chosen to pursue it as well. Don’t miss out on testing out this group…

Your Somerset Area Accountant Reminds You Of An “Easy” Group To Go Back To — If You Can Stomach ItBar none, the most important asset in your Somerset Area-area business is your client list. I’ll paraphrase Andrew Carnegie who said, in effect: “If you take away all of my wealth, my products, my inventory, my equipment, my staff, in fact, virtually all assets and resources – but leave me my customer lists, I will have everything else back in short order.” He’s 100% correct. And, in the past, I have urged you to take the steps to ensure you are on top of this list for your business.

There are three major sub-groups I would advise you to focus on, heading into the summer …

1) Existing Clients

2) “Lost” Clients

3) Targeted Prospects/New Clients

I’d like to posit a thought to you: most of your “lost” clients didn’t leave because you did something wrong.

As a business owner, it’s easy to take things personally, and believe that when you lose a customer or client, you really messed something up.

Actually, studies indicate the opposite is true: it’s normally something happening in their life or business, not what your business did or didn’t do. So going back to this list with a simple appeal for their business, to “give you another shot”, is actually a powerful strategy for recapturing business. Simply asking for them to return is sure to bring a boatload of “lost” clients back.

Everybody loves being wanted. But most businesses make the mistake of either 1) not even trying to go back after former clients or customers or, at best, 2) simply “keeping them on the list” for regular mailings.

Actually what’s most effective is when you acknowledge that the client or customer hasn’t done business with you recently–and you’d like to incentivize them to give you a shot again. It acknowledges that there is a relationship in play, and that the customer/client isn’t just a number to you. Try it in the next few weeks…watch your response go through the roof.

And remember — my team and I are here for you to help in any way we can. 606-678-4372