Thank You

Thank You

November 20, 2012

It’s a slow week around here in Clark World and in our Somerset Area small business accountant office. And I have some thoughts, which are perhaps a bit more meditative than normal because of how this holiday works for tax and accounting professionals.

The December holidays are wonderful of course, but they are a calm before a big storm (tax season). We’re usually furiously prepping for the season, and seeking to understand the last-minute tax code changes that Congress often foists upon us.

Which makes this week a little sweeter. Yes, we’re preparing, but it’s not so … frantic afterwards.

So, this week of thanks — I’m beginning by looking back.

And when I do, I’m reminded of my firm’s many blessings.
 For instance, I do NOT take for granted that you and your Somerset Area (or otherwise) business have chosen us to walk with you as we give you advice and help take care of your business, especially around tax time. It’s hard to trust your “baby” (your business) to another, and we don’t take it lightly.

And maybe you can relate to this one: I also look back this week on the journey to get here. As anyone who runs their own business will tell you, it’s a giant leap to go out “on your own”. I still remember what it was like to take this dream I had for my firm and put it into reality. I was a little bit scared, but I was hopeful. I remember the friends and other business-owners who helped me along the way … and how risky it all seemed.

Well, the risk DID pay off, and I’m happy about what we’ve been able to create around here at Team Clark. Now we get to be the ones helping people pursue THEIR dreams.

For a new business owner, the first step seems really big … until the next step comes!
 And then you realize that running a business is a series of these decisions … you become a good risk-taker, if you stay in it for long.

But it sure helps to have somebody with a cold, clear eye to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Which brings me to what I’m thankful for this November, as a business owner … and hopefully as your friend.

As I gather at my table with family and friends this week… I am thankful for you — and people like you. Thank you for your trust, for your business year after year … and for making my first step into starting and running a firm “way back when” so rewarding now.

And what I’m excited about as we head towards the end of 2012…well, here’s to helping YOU keep the IRS off your back in 2013!

Looks as if we’re all going to need it …