Somerset Small Business Accountant Asks: Is THIS the Best Marketing Tool Out There?

Somerset Small Business Accountant Asks: Is THIS the Best Marketing Tool Out There?

September 11, 2012

I’d like to start today’s Note by admitting from the get-go that I’m somewhat biased about this, since I employ it here at Somerset Area’s best accounting service ;).

And there are so MANY different ways to get your message out there, it’s dizzying.

But this one is truly the best. And even nerdy tax professionals (ahem) can pull it off!

I know this, because of my own experience with it … but also for how it is received. This is one of the only business communications which is NOT seen as an “ad”.

And, though what I’m going to suggest here may seem like a “cost” to you — you know how investments really work. I’m not here to sell you on anything by this advice … but to nudge you in the direction that I know works for successful small businesses across the nation and the here in the local Somerset Area market.

Don’t write this off because you think you don’t have the time. Frankly, you don’t have the time or the money NOT to employ these principles.

Somerset Area Small Business Accountant Asks: Is THIS the Best Marketing Tool Out There?
How do your customers and prospects hear about you and your Somerset Area business? Chances are that you’re investing in plenty of new client acquisition advertising. But are you investing in the easiest kind of new clients to get? What are they?

Referral clients.

And the best, most profitable media to stimulate those referrals is through a regular (monthly–or even weekly) newsletter. 
Email is great–print is even better, but here are some key tips to making sure that your newsletter is everything it could and should be.

You see, many companies produce newsletters. But after a while, the purpose of the newsletter is lost and so is its impact. Here are a few tips for turning your newsletter into a powerful marketing tool.

1. Determine what your readers want. 
Too many newsletters are used simply to boast. Although your newsletter should promote your business, it’s also a time to build your relationship with your prospects and customers. Be sure to discuss topics of interest and value for your customers and prospects.

2. Personalize your newsletter.
 There are hundreds of newsletters circulating on the Internet and in the mail. You need to make your newsletter stand out from the crowd. Making your newsletter “uniquely you” will make a difference. So be real. Feel free to include personality and emotion in your newsletter.

3. Make it look good…but not TOO good. 
The visual aspect of your newsletter can make all the difference. Make it brief. (You only have the reader’s attention for a few minutes.) Use bullets and appealing headlines. And include graphics. But don’t let it look like it’s some “off the shelf” pabulum that everyone knows is written by a third party. That’s a recipe for the trash.

4. Let your readers give you their opinion. 
Ask your readers to comment on the newsletter. They will tell you what they liked, disliked, or want to see more of. Additionally, the interaction with your readers draws you closer to another sale.

5. Include your contact information! 
The ultimate purpose of the newsletter is to get more customers (through name recognition, relationship building, and promoting your products). However, without your contact information, those potential customers will never appear. It’s incredible to me how many folks miss that step.

Create a newsletter worthy of your company and you’ll drive your readers to future sales. Make it simple, make it short, and make it a powerful tool that reflects you and your business.