Somerset Accountant: You Might Need To See This Again”

Somerset Accountant: You Might Need To See This Again”

March 1, 2012

I mentioned this last week, but as I write this (Monday morning), we’re working HARD to get our corporate status clients here in Somerset Area completed by the deadline on March 15th. We’ve been prepared for this though, so fortunately, our scrambling is de minimus.

Now, moving on … I’ve realized that I’m going through a little de-facto series on sales in these Notes recently, so I decided to roll along with it for another week. This one’s pretty easy … but it does take some guts.

A Somerset Area Accountant Shares A Sales Tactic Which Truly Can Double Sales

This tactic seems so obvious, but, unfortunately, it’s only used by my smartest business owner friends. It’s a recipe for doubling your sales–would you like that? How about doing it without spending any extra advertising money or getting even one new customer or client? The vast majority of marketers in the world tend to invest most — if not all — of their time seeking out new ways to generate new sales via the acquisition of new customers. They — incorrectly — assume their businesses can only grow and prosper as they add new, paying customers to their lists. Only problem is, this can be very expensive.

Running ads that may or may not work, for example, is risky for even the best marketers in the game. Which is why the key to quick and predictable new profits is not acquiring new customers … but servicing and developing the ones you already have. Frankly, if you want to at least DOUBLE your sales — without adding a single new customer — then simply focus on superior customer service and repeatedly selling to your existing customer database regularly.

I know that sounds almost “too easy.” But it’s one of the big “secrets” of marketers who pull in millions and millions of dollars per year. And, by the way, I’m not talking about selling them the SAME thing, but rather identifying other, similar products or services (even if they’re not your own), presenting them to your list in a non-intrusive way … and watching the sales continue.

You see, insurance can replace most other assets, but the only insurance against loss of customers is exceptional service. That’s the most profitable business “technique” you can learn.