Somerset Accountant Reports On: I'm Trying to Do This Myself

Somerset Accountant Reports On: I'm Trying to Do This Myself

October 1, 2011

“The men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and will power to develop themselves.”
– Robert Burton

Now that I’ve written about how NOT to “get your name out there” (see the last few weeks), I thought I’d at least take this week to talk about how I’ve seen some of my business clients do well in getting welcomed in by prospects. Would love your thoughts! [And don’t forget the extension deadline looming on October 15th AND that tax planning opportunities for 2011 taxes are still possible. Call us: 606-678-4372 (or email) and let’s determine how we can help you get your tax bill down.]

Mark Clark’s “Real World” Business Strategy Having Your Marketing Messages Be Received Warmly.

As much time as we spend “in” our businesses, it sometimes comes as a bit of a shock that our clients and prospects just don’t seem to care as much, right? That’s often because we ignore this key truth in the way we speak to our clients, and to prospects, and how we market to them.

Let’s face it–most people will not instantly welcome marketing with open arms. Your prospects are busy, and they don’t want to think about you and your products or services.

So, business owners need to learn the tricks of becoming the most popular guest at the party. First, you need to be consistent in your marketing. The majority of small businesses are inconsistent in their follow-up to prospects (if they even DO follow up at all!). They might send an email or direct mail piece and then wait months before sending another one. Unfortunately, without consistency, your prospect has no idea who you are.

Do you know how quickly emails from unknown senders get deleted? Furthermore, inconsistency can cause a perception of ineffectiveness. Nobody wants to buy from a company they don’t trust. Second, go beyond the “pitch”. Too often businesses and entrepreneurs, struggling to survive, send marketing pieces whose only goal is to promote their products or services … again, and again.

Now, promoting your products is necessary, and even great. But you need to do a lot more than that with your marketing, if you want to get your information actually read! Your marketing messages should be positioning you as a respected authority in your industry. Be sure to include testimonials, endorsements, and awards your company has won, along with your sales message. Third, tell stories and speak to what your prospects care about. Your follow-up and marketing must be informative … so provide valuable information! If you’re showing up with no value, you’ll wear out your welcome fast. You need to communicate that you are on their side and deserve to be trusted. You’ll accomplish this if you provide them with accurate, insightful, and *interesting* information.

You’ll notice that I try to put these tips into practice myself … and they’re a big reason why our practice continues to grow, even in the midst of this economy. You can do it too, if you’re not already!To You and Your Family’s Peace of Mind!