Somerset Accountant Alerts: Time To Prepare Those Holiday Offers

Somerset Accountant Alerts: Time To Prepare Those Holiday Offers

October 27, 2011

“Before you can learn a new way of doing things, you have to unlearn the old way. So beginnings depend on endings.”
– Rick Maurer

Can you believe that November is already here? Yikes. Well, I’m touching base again with my referral partners, business owner clients and friends with some friendly advice about growing your business in this environment. Because believe it or not — November means that no matter what kind of business you run, the holidays are “on the brain” for your clients. Shoot, if you’re a retailer, you’re already on “full-go” with this strategy (and if so, my advice might be even more useful), but if you’re NOT a retailer, this strategy can be just as powerful–sometimes even more so.

Now, firstly, I think that there’s still some mileage to be had from “unusual” holidays (and not just the two biggies this month and next). But secondly, I’ve got a short little checklist for you which might help you get the most out of this strategy. Read on…and email me your feedback or questions.

Mark Clark’s “Real World” Business Strategy Making Sure Your Holiday Offers Count

The upcoming holidays are truly a great “reason” to reach out to your customers or clients and cross-sell other services, or reach out to prospects and give them a reason to “get over the hump” so to speak, and make a purchasing decision. However, one of the things I’ve noticed is that many small business owners or marketing directors write great sales copy…then when they get to the “offer” (the *reason* for the recipient to respond), the whole message falls apart. The sale that was about to take place winds up in the trash.

So, here are some tips for constructing a powerful offer to match your powerful copy: Don’t be ashamed of the price. Especially in this environment, too many companies try to skim past the offer, hoping their prospects won’t pay attention to the price. Guess what? They are going to pay attention! But, if you’ve written a good enough letter to sell them–then they’re sold. Don’t suddenly apologize for giving your product the price value it’s worth. Give your prospects multiple options for purchasing. This one is close to my heart. Prospects need a variety of ways to pay for the product. Clearly present the payment methods you’re willing to accept (the more, the better!).

Furthermore, give your prospect a variety of ways to order: phone, fax, mail, online.The more diverse you make it, the more orders you’ll receive. Write the offer clearly. Be sure to include the price, exactly what the product or service is, and any additional bonuses you might be including. Be sure to include your contact information! You wouldn’t believe how often this occurs to marketers. Some really incredible marketing messages have been ruined by simply neglecting to give prospects a way to reach the company. But most of all — plan ahead, and don’t miss the opportunities out there these next two months!