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Minimizing your tax liability is a top priority. We are your complete tax planning and preparation resource serving businesses, individuals, estates, and trusts. Our tax team prepares returns in a timely and accurate manner. But we offer more than just your traditional tax advice. Our specialists work with you throughout the year to develop a highly-personalized plan with tax saving strategies that are tailored to your situation. We want to avoid any year end surprises.

We will:

  • E-file your tax return to speed-up the delivery of your refund.
  • Offer guidance on business decisions made throughout the year that will impact annual tax liability.
  • Employ strategies that will allow you to adjust revenue and/or expenses to another year, taking advantage of a lower tax rate.
  • Analyze your books at year end for over-looked deductions.
  • Assist you on entity selection for your business to maximize available tax planning strategies.
  • Handle all your tax prep needs including income, payroll, sales, and property.
  • Remain up-to-date on the changing tax laws that affect you.

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