Morally-Obliged To Sell? Somerset Accountant Asks

Morally-Obliged To Sell? Somerset Accountant Asks

February 21, 2012

So, even though we’re knee-deep in tax season here in Somerset Area, I still like to keep my saw sharp. Which is why, as I work through certain tasks, I like to listen to business teleconferences and audios as I do it. And I was on a teleconference recently, and the presenter was speaking about marketing and sales.

There was a ton of great content, and I was thinking that I’d like to learn more from this person! Then, at the end of the call, he sold an information product — which I was glad to purchase, as the information he had given out at no charge, on the call, was so good.

Well, he must have received some pushback from somebody about the fact that he was “selling” (on a call *about* sales and marketing — ahem), so he sent a follow up email on the topic, which I thought was worth sharing with you… A Different Perspective on Sales for Somerset Area Businesses(by Dave Dee)

Given… that you do a GREAT job at whatever it is you do… And given… that you KNOW you are one of the best if not THE BEST around in serving your customers as you do that job… And given… all other alternatives to choosing you for that product or service you sell would produce inferior results in the lives of your customers… THEN -> You have a MORAL OBLIGATION to sell you and your products and services with every single fiber of your being! AND -> You have a MORAL OBLIGATION to use every legal/ethical tool, tactic, and strategy on earth to persuade your prospects to do business with YOU and become YOUR customers. It’s not an option. It’s your duty to sell as hard and effectively as you can.

This is a HUGE takeaway from my presentation today and I cannot urge you strongly enough how critical it is to fully embrace this principle.   What do you think? I can see how this could ruffle some feathers, but if you haven’t thought about your sales and marketing in this fashion, then

I suggest you do so — it’s really quite liberating. I’m personally dedicated to your success. And that’s not “normal” for an accountant!